7 Shocking Divorce Statistics You Wont Believe

Divorce is a word many married couples certainly do not want to hear nor do they want to talk about it. However, once you start looking at the statistics when it comes to divorce, there’s some very interesting things you just might find.

Many factors can affect your ability to stay married for a long time. These could include religion, income or even our educational backgrounds.

Here are seven surprising statistics you may not believe when it comes to divorce. If you are in the market for divorce services try here.

1. Time

A divorce occurs every 10 to 13 seconds. So by the time it took you to read this, someone has just gotten divorced and their marriage is over.

2. Age

The highest rate of divorce occurs between those married between ages 20 to 24.There’s a common phrase that many say is that “50% of all marriages end in divorce.” The only problem with this statement is that is misleading. The actual facts show age plays a large part. Marrying between ages 20 and 24 can be a high sign the marriage will have a short life. Research shows that they are nearly twice as likely to become divorced than those who marry around the ages of 25 to 29 years old.

3. Third time’s a charm

If you’re considering a third marriage, the divorce rate for this is normally 73%. Practice makes perfect doesn’t apply when it comes to marriage. If anything, you’d only makes it worse. This explains why divorce rates have spiked and continues for each new marriage. It’s noted that three out of four adults heading to their third marriage will end up in a flat-out divorce.

4. What State is Winning?

Highest divorce rate in the country is Nevada. You could blame the casinos or say the desert is depressing, but the fact of the matter there is no one answer. As of this date Nevada stands at the lead when it comes to couples running off to the state that has the highest divorce rate of 9.1 per 1000 population.

5. Income

For those adults who didn’t attend college and have lived a low income life, they are more than likely to experience a divorce. Research shows that 20% of non-college-educated couples end in divorce within the first 10 years of marriage.

6. Religion

Christian couples maintain the same divorce rates on many on a national average. Often those in this group are heard saying that “the family that prays together stays together,” unfortunately this is just not true. Religion does not discriminate when it comes to divorce. One interesting thing to note is that Atheists show a much lower rate of divorce than Christians.

7. Arkansas

Arkansas wins when it comes to individuals married more than three times. Men and women who live in this location have a high rate of getting married three times or more then the national average overall. The only provided reason could be is that people in this area have a tendency to get married at a young age.

Understanding How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

Social media has definitely changed the way people interact, date, love one another and enjoy their relationships and marriage. That being said, often social media is precisely the medium through which people find new partners. Cheat on their existing partners, and a reason for many arguments in relationships. Understanding how social media can affect your relationships, as well as how social media can affect your divorce is crucial if you want to have a successful relationship and marriage.

Why Do People Argue Over Social Media?

Social media interactions have definitely changed the way we interact with each other and the way people behave in relationships. However, once you understand. That the social media is simply just a communicational channel and that those who want to make changes to their life are those that do such things. It is simply unnecessary to discuss that matter further.


People argue over likes on social media, but in the grand scope of things it is completely unnecessary. Because you build your own relationship with your partner over time and no social media can change that.

Going Through A Public Divorce

Going through a divorce nowadays is a lot more difficult than when people did not have social media. That being said going through a divorce in this day and age can be a lot more difficult because you get to see what your ex is doing and really have to uncouple in real life and in the social media life as well.


Some people choose to take down all pictures from social media once the marriage is over. But many others are still learning how to navigate the ways of being social in social media and in real life after a break up or a divorce.

Do You Feel The Effects Of Social Media On Your Relationship?

If you feel the effects that social media have on your relationship, perhaps you should talk to your partner. If you are going through a divorce however, and find it difficult to manage social media, perhaps you could take a break from social media for a while.


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Three Real Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

Did you know that going through a divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that you can go through in your lifetime, that can be only compared to a loss of a loved one due to death? Yet, many couples go through divorce every year. Some statistics even show that divorce is a lot more common nowadays than it has ever been in the history of mankind.


This has something to do with the fact that marriages are a lot easier to end nowadays than they have ever been. Yet, if you are wondering what are some of the real reasons why marriages end, we are here to help you understand what lies behind ending a marriage.


One of the leading reasons why marriages end is infidelity. Even though it can be said that love is already lost if infidelity takes place. People are a lot less inclined in continuing with a marriage or a relationship when infidelity takes place. This is why this is one of the main underlying reasons for divorce. That still to this day make it impossible for people to continue with their marriages. Being faithful and honest towards a partner is one of the main pillars of marriage. Which is why this does not come as a surprising factor in the rise of the divorce rates.


Many younger couples struggle with the effects social media have on their relationships. And many arguments and divorces have really been brought by due to Facebook interactions with other people. Still, being true in a relationship or a marriage remains to be one of the most important factors.

Irreconcilable Differences

Many people enlist irreconcilable differences as the reason why they have ended their marriage, but what does that even mean? Some people simply drift apart after years of having a seemingly happy marriage. And it does not matter whether one person has managed to see the problems or not.


Some marriages simply fall apart because people have changed too much. Became roommates instead of lovers, and this is also understandable.

Financial Troubles

People who go together through financial problems have bigger chances of ending their marriage. Simply because financial issues corrode the relationship to a point when it is not possible to continue with the relationship any longer. Even though financial problems can also bring some people together more often. Than not they make them drift apart and eventually contemplate divorce.